Master of Electronic Commerce

I started talking about bridging the gap between business and I.T some days ago, and that’s like a key part of this blog and my interest. I know so well that Africans and indeed Nigerians love certificate, like we respect it a lot, for this reason I started my research on programs that are in line with this dream of mine.

Generally, more and more Nigerians are focusing on studying in Canada or USA, therefore I made my research on Canada, this will be the second Masters program am introducing to you from Canada. Let’s hear what University of Dalhousie has to say.

Why a Master’s Degree in E-Commerce?

Because YOU want the best

Dalhousie University’s Master of Electronic Commerce is the first of its kind in Canada. This well-established program features the collaboration of three Faculties to provide a cutting edge education in legal, management and computing concepts. It blends coursework, research, and business experience to offer a commanding overview of e-Commerce and e-Business. This multi-disciplinary program has a nominal duration of two years, but it can be completed earlier, in as little as 16 months. It consists of three main components:

8-10 one-term courses,
research component, and
a business or government internship.
Dalhousie’s MEC offers you a strong background and cutting edge knowledge in essential areas like:

Internet and Web Technology
E-Commerce Business Models
Jurisdictional Challenges
Human-Computer Interaction
Marketing Informatics
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
New Venture Creation
Electronic Contracting
Computer Forensics
With a master’s degree in E-Commerce, you will have the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively with a wide. range of deal makers, lawyers, software designers, and financial and marketing specialists. As a graduate, you will have the skills required to be an outstanding manager of eBusiness projects.

Dalhousie University is one of Canada’s leading universities, nestled in the heart of the vibrant city of Halifax. Our nationally and internationally recognized faculty provide you with an outstanding education in an interactive and highly collaborative learning environment.

As a Master of Electronic Commerce student, you will benefit from this unique environment as well as a real-world focus and meaningful, career-oriented opportunities. The program invites applications from applicants who have the drive and ability to bridge the fields of Law, Management, and Computer Science.

Master of Electronic Commerce


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